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Quinn Fabray and I'm 18 years old. The ex-Cheerio, the Bookworm, the Skank, Glee Club member and Mother. I've finally turned my life around, and I'm never going back.

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Parks and First Dates | Faberry (with some Beth)

If you had told Quinn a year ago she would be spending her New Year’s Eve with her daughter, she would have scoffed it off, giving her cold stare and turned on her heels, continuing to rule the hallways of McKinley. She would have still been on the Cheerios, and probably would have ordered a slushie shower for even mentioning her daughter in such an unrealistic, wishful thought. And if you mentioned she would be having a first date with Rachel Berry? Then your fate was sealed. The corn syrup drink would trickle down your neck, your body would respond in shivers. Quinn was still the Queen Bee at the school, even after her pregnancy the following year at Sectionals that caused her reputation to shatter into pieces. But now? Everything was so different. The year brought so many changes to her life, and recently, they had all been very positive. From drastic wardrobe changes to “I don’t give a fuck attitudes”, back to her floral dresses and cutting her hair short. Boy drama was a thing of the past too, the dramas of the past looking more like a faint memory rather than something that was actually top of her list of priorities.

New Year’s Eve always brought a time to reflect on one’s past actions, but it was also a time to make new plans. As Quinn pulled up outside Shelby’s house to collect Beth for the day, she started mentally making her own New Year’s Resolutions. Something to stick by and work on, and hopefully, ultimately makes her a better person. Beth stole first place on the list without any troubles. Quinn had already missed out on nearly a year’s worth of motherhood, she wasn’t planning on losing anymore precious time with her daughter. Secondly came… well, Rachel. The girl who never escaped her mind and clouded her thoughts entirely. The blonde had set her goal in life in previous years to make the smaller diva’s life a living hell. Even though Rachel never wiped that smile off her face no matter what Quinn threw at her, Quinn knew deep down half the things she had done must have hurt or affected her in some way. A new leaf had been turned however, and their friendship was even beginning to blossom into something more. This year —she mentally scribbled it down—it was all going to be about making it up to her. No matter what form it would take, and how many things she would have to do.

Waving off Shelby with a flick of her wrist, Quinn clutched Beth in her arms while Puck loaded up the stroller. She threw the baby bag into the back of the car and gently laid Beth into the car seat, cooing at her to keep that perfect baby smile on her face. Giving the Mohawk boy a nod of approval, she stepped hastily into her car and turned the ignition on, the car beginning to roar as it left its stationary position in the dainty neighbourhood. Her fingers tapped the steering wheel as she manoeuvred the car to approach Rachel’s street. Swirls of emotions were building up in her stomach, making her palms slightly clammy as she turned into Rachel’s neighbourhood. She was about to question why she was nervous, but the answer was staring her right in the face. This was a pre-date outing. Did this mean they would hold hands, acting lovingly and almost sickeningly cute with each other? Or was that reserved for when they would have alone time together tonight? She was overthinking it. Although that’s what she was used to doing; overanalyzing a situation so she could see the pros and cons, plans of actions so clear and crisp in her mind. A quiet murmur from Beth in the background snapped her out of her ridiculous thoughts. For now, she was just going to focus on Beth. This was Beth’s day out, and there was time to worry later. Punching a text into her phone (“I’m outside. – Q xo”) she exhaled deeply, trying to fend off any nerves that threatened to overcome her.